Core Values


COMPASSION- Solid Rock Baptist Church demonstrates the affections and love of Christ to all people of all ages through its ministries.


INTEGRITY- Solid Rock Baptist Church is a church whose members strive to have Godly standards of character and accountability.


FAITHFULNESS- The present and future of Solid Rock Baptist Church relies on the faithfulness of God’s people to serve others and God.


COMMUNITY- Solid Rock Baptist Church will influence people around us by meeting their needs and sharing Christ.


FAMILY- Solid Rock Baptist Church believes in and honors the union between a man and a woman.  We believe in raising children in the ways of the Lord according to the bible.  Solid Rock Baptist Church also believes in the biblical principles of extending support to the single parent, the widowed, the homeless, parentless, special needs of children and adults.


FUN- Solid Rock Baptist Church should never become stuffy or dull.  Solid Rock likes to have fun in our fellowship with one another.  We have fun in the activities that we hold here.  Our church activities provide the fun, fellowship and love that a family should want to come and be a part of.